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Customized legal services since 1933.

Our Notary Office and Law Firm was founded in 1933 by Fritz Schneiter who was the first notary in Muri Bern. In 1969 Alfred Flückiger took over the Notary Office. In 2002 Markus Bärschi started his work as a notary and attorney-at-law in the office of Alfred Flückiger. In 2007 Adrian Lüthi joined the company. Alfred Flückiger retired in 2014 as Annik Bärtschi and Nando Stauffer von May joined the company. Since the beginning of 2015 our firm has been operating under the name “recht@muri”.

Markus Bärtschi, Adrian Lüthi, Nando Stauffer von May and Annik Bärtschi welcome you to their modern offices at the marketplace in Muri Bern.